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Racism in the delivery of mental health services

06 May, 2014 by Suman Fernando

For many years, black and some other minority ethnic groups have been badly served by our mental health service. Some of the pro ...


Tackling workplace discrimination in the health service

23 Apr, 2014 by Ravi Seenan

Chair of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), Gary Page, is this month launching our new initiative to ‘Challenge, ...


Nottingham by numbers: The widening the racial disadvantage gap

14 Mar, 2014 by Cecile Wright

According to the legend, one of Nottingham’s best known figures, Robin Hood, took from the rich and gave to the poor, beginnin ...

Love and Colour

28 Feb, 2014 by admin

This short film follows two people's journeys in coming to understand themselves as both black and gay.  It calls of p ...


Why we should support a national boycott on non-essential interactions with the police

25 Feb, 2014 by Remi Salisbury

Over the last few weeks a number of Black activists have raised heightened concerns over the persistence of racist policing in c ...


Tribute to Batook Pandya

20 Feb, 2014 by admin

Monday was an extremely sad day as Bristol faced a major loss in that Batook Pandya MBE, Director of SARI, will no longer be wit ...


Deep Roots - a story of Black British Publishing

10 Feb, 2014 by Heiba Lamara

The name of John La Rose is synonymous with independent radical Black publishing in Britain and the Caribbean. A committed trade ...

Does Talking About Race Fuel Racism? (Video)

16 Jan, 2014 by admin

In early November, the End Racism this Generation campaign arrived in Wolverhampton with a  panel of equality experts, to ...

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