Race Matters

Category : Young People

An unlikely source of empowerment for black students?

10 Dec, 2018 by Warren Stanislaus

Oxford PhD candidate Warren Stanislaus discovered that by treading a path less travelled, he was able to break through some of t ...

Faith to Faithless: The hidden suffering of apostates in the UK

24 Sep, 2018 by Teddy Prout

Teddy Prout, Director of Community Services at Humanists UK, sheds some light on the little known struggle of ex-religious peopl ...

The Africa I expected vs. the Africa I saw

17 Sep, 2018 by Edward Ademolu

Growing up in the UK, Edward Ademolu had only seen images of 'Africa' on the television, predominantly via fundraising packages ...

2011 Runnymede comments on 'gangs' and the UK riots

09 May, 2018 by Omar Khan

In 2011, our then-head of policy, Omar Khan, wrote on the term 'gang' and the UK riots. As the issue is again in the news, we're ...

Integration is not a one way process

16 Mar, 2018 by admin

Runnymede Policy Officer, Kimberly Macintosh believes the Government has its priorities all wrong with it comes to integrat ...

Generation Revolution: Young black London activists in all their complexity

27 Nov, 2017 by Runnymede

Serving police officer Seb Adjei-Addoh gives his take on a powerful new documentary on activism among young 'black and brown' ac ...