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Where are all the people of colour in science fiction?

11 Aug, 2017 by Imani Bernard

Seventeen-year-old Imani Bernard tells us why representation of BME people and women is important everywhere - including in her ...

Black and gay: The persistence of racism in the LGBT community

08 Aug, 2017 by Emmanuel Agu

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, founder of UK Black Pride, which celebrated its 13th birthday this year, says:"UK Black Pride (UKBP) was fou ...

History, patience and frustration: A review of I Am Not Your Negro

11 Apr, 2017 by admin

Runnymede Policy Officer Kimberly McIntosh reviews the Oscar-nominated documentary based on unfinished work by celebrated writer ...

Inhuman and degrading: the hidden reality of mass deportation

07 Apr, 2017 by admin

Last week 17 people were arrested for grounding a privately chartered ‘ghost flight' at Stansted airport, which would ...

'I breathed a sigh of relief': Runnymede staff review Moonlight

17 Mar, 2017 by admin

Following its success at the Academy Awards, Runnymede staff give their take on Moonlight, a coming of age drama exploring ...


Equality and Human Rights Commission - 2014 onwards

27 May, 2014 by Mark Hammond

I was recently at the TUC black workers conference and the first question after I spoke was about the merger of the previous bod ...

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