Race Matters

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The history of slavery is a local - as well as a global - issue

13 Nov, 2018 by admin

By researching records of slave owners in her locality, Dr. Julia Prest, Reader in Early Modern French at the University of St A ...

Reflections on Mexico 1968

16 Oct, 2018 by Omar Khan

Last Friday the Runnymede Trust co-hosted ‘Fists of Defiance’, an evening with Tommie Smith, the gold medal winner w ...

The Africa I expected vs. the Africa I saw

17 Sep, 2018 by Edward Ademolu

Growing up in the UK, Edward Ademolu had only seen images of 'Africa' on the television, predominantly via fundraising packages ...

100 years after the first women got the vote, the fight for true equality goes on

14 Jun, 2018 by Lester Holloway

By Kimberly McIntosh, Runnymede Policy Officer Sunday saw processions across the country celebrating 100 years since the Repres ...

Book review: 'The double-bind that Muslim women find themselves in'

07 Dec, 2017 by Samayya Afzal

With Islamophobia emerging as a key discussion point of 2018, community activist Samayya Afzal reviews Egyptian-American Mo ...