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Home Office found 'Guilty' after mock trial

16 Feb, 2019 by Laurie Mompelat

A mock trial held the Home Office to account for racism and human rights violations last week. Here, Runnymede Researcher&n ...

Arts and Resistance in a Hostile World

07 Feb, 2019 by admin

As Runnymede embarks on an arts and research-based project with Creative Interruptions, academics Sarita Malik, Panayiota Demetr ...

50 years on: the Race Relations Act and the Runnymede Trust

03 Oct, 2018 by Omar Khan

This is a year of anniversaries. Not just our 50th, but the centenary of (partial) woman’s suffrage and of the end of the ...

The Africa I expected vs. the Africa I saw

17 Sep, 2018 by Edward Ademolu

Growing up in the UK, Edward Ademolu had only seen images of 'Africa' on the television, predominantly via fundraising packages ...

Home Office failing LGBTQI asylum seekers

31 Jul, 2018 by admin

As a playwright and an actress, I have always enjoyed working with verbatim theatre processes, where the script is created solel ...