Race Matters

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Sitting in Limbo: Windrush drama interview

05 Jun, 2020 by Lee Pinkerton

Ahead of its premiere on the BBC on Monday, Runnymede's Lee Pinkerton interviews the writer of Sitting In Limbo, a drama showing ...

The Colour of Money: race and economic inequality

26 Apr, 2020 by Omar Khan

Black and minority ethnic (BME) people in Britain face extensive and persistent economic inequality, finds Runnymede’s lat ...

State of the Nation: New comprehensive analysis on race in Britain

09 Apr, 2020 by Omar Khan

Just as the coronavirus pandemic shines a light on existing inequalities, Runnymede releases important deep analysis on race and ...

Coronavirus will increase race inequalities

26 Mar, 2020 by Zubaida Haque

All any of us can think about at the moment is the coronavirus pandemic and how it will affect us, our families, wider communiti ...

Racism and the rise of populist movements

23 Mar, 2020 by Ali Rattansi

The link between racist narratives and the rhetoric of populist movements is often clear to the naked eye. But why is this conne ...

'No deal' Brexit is bad news for UK's 8m BME people

05 Sep, 2019 by Zubaida Haque

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to brandish the unwelcome prospect of an exit from the European Union with no agreed r ...