Race Matters

Category : Culture

Under the Radar: ethnic minority women in the labour market

05 Jan, 2018 by Anam Bashir

Here LSE graduate Anam Bashir, who now works in research and policy for the UN’s Agency for Migration in Geneva, takes a l ...

Artificial intelligence and racial bias: Can robots be racist?

18 Dec, 2017 by Lester Holloway

Runnymede Communications Manager Lester Holloway looks at how advances in the technology sector could be leaving black and minor ...

Book review: 'The double-bind that Muslim women find themselves in'

07 Dec, 2017 by Samayya Afzal

With Islamophobia emerging as a key discussion point of 2018, community activist Samayya Afzal reviews Egyptian-American Mo ...

Generation Revolution: Young black London activists in all their complexity

27 Nov, 2017 by Runnymede

Serving police officer Seb Adjei-Addoh gives his take on a powerful new documentary on activism among young 'black and brown' ac ...

Bringing visibility to black British women

06 Nov, 2017 by Jane Tanner

In the wake of Black History Month 2017, Jane Tanner of the Women's Resource Centre describes how helping with her niece's schoo ...

The Caribbean contribution to London's transport network

31 Oct, 2017 by Runnymede

For the last in our series of re-produced articles to celebrate Black History Month, staff at the London Transport Museum b ...