Race Matters

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Artificial intelligence and racial bias: Can robots be racist?

18 Dec, 2017 by Lester Holloway

Runnymede Communications Manager Lester Holloway looks at how advances in the technology sector could be leaving black and minor ...

Generation Revolution: Young black London activists in all their complexity

27 Nov, 2017 by Runnymede

Serving police officer Seb Adjei-Addoh gives his take on a powerful new documentary on activism among young 'black and brown' ac ...

WATCH> How does race affect your outcomes in life?

07 Jul, 2017 by Omar Khan

Watch Runnymede Director Dr. Omar Khan's 12-minute argument on why Britain is resoundingly not 'post-racial', and how race still ...

Electing Without Prejudice: Free speech. Hard facts. Real debate.

18 Apr, 2017 by Runnymede

As news of the snap election on 8 June 2017 sinks in, Runnymede calls on politicians of all political persuasions to focus on is ...

Racism and inequality: The truth about Brexit

28 Mar, 2017 by admin

In the week that UK Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger Article 50, beginning our official departure from the European Union ...

Is the judiciary getting less diverse?

25 Jul, 2016 by Lester Holloway

Is Britain's judiciary getting less diverse? As we await the latest Ministry of Justice figures later this week it is ...

The state of the Met Police

16 Nov, 2015 by Lester Holloway

As the Runnymede Trust publish our policing report, Remi Joseph-Salisbury and Laura Connelly discuss race and policing in London ...

Everyday rights – when we feel unfairly treated

16 Jul, 2014 by Lester Holloway

Nick’s story Being stopped by the police when you haven’t done anything wrong can be a scary experience. Nick knows ...


Racism in the delivery of mental health services

06 May, 2014 by Suman Fernando

For many years, black and some other minority ethnic groups have been badly served by our mental health service. Some of the pro ...


Nottinghamshire PCC, Paddy Tipping, addresses disproportionality in stop and search practice

24 Mar, 2014 by Paddy Tipping

The use of stop and search continues to be one of the most controversial issues facing modern policing.  Police use of stop and ...


Report probes untruths about Mark Duggan

10 Mar, 2014 by Marc Wadsworth

Controversy over the inquest jury’s verdict that a 29-year-old unarmed black man was lawfully killed by a police marksman has ...


Why we should support a national boycott on non-essential interactions with the police

25 Feb, 2014 by Remi Salisbury

Over the last few weeks a number of Black activists have raised heightened concerns over the persistence of racist policing in c ...


Rethinking Stop and Search - changing 'ways of thinking' about marginalised youth

19 Feb, 2014 by Sean Murphy

When the Home Secretary, Theresa May speaking in parliamentary debate in July 2013, conceded that the percentage of arrests as ...


Talking about Race

21 Jan, 2014 by Karim Murji

With a central picture of Mark Duggan surrounded by other black people who have died at the hands of the police or in police cus ...


The Dangers of Stop and Search

14 Jan, 2014 by Lester Holloway

Stopwatch has released new research estimating that five million unrecorded traffic searches occur annually. In addition, throug ...


Organising resistance to racialized police violence

10 Jan, 2014 by Kojo Kyerewaa

Imagine the scene, it is a warm summer Sunday afternoon, you are planning to meet a friend but your phone is dead. You decide to ...