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Don't take the bait: public discourse and racism

18 Jul, 2019 by Omar Khan

In the wake of openly racist comments from the leader of the world's most powerful country, our Director Dr Omar Khan unpicks&nb ...

2011 Runnymede comments on 'gangs' and the UK riots

09 May, 2018 by Omar Khan

In 2011, our then-head of policy, Omar Khan, wrote on the term 'gang' and the UK riots. As the issue is again in the news, we're ...

Hostility and hypocrisy: the UK's problem with Trump

14 Feb, 2017 by admin

Hostility towards immigrants creates negative climate for all minorities, says Kimberly McIntosh Opposition to the state visit ...

LISTEN: Runnymede's director Omar Khan talks about the first Race Relations Act

20 Nov, 2015 by Lester Holloway

Listen to Runnymede's Dr Omar Khan on BBC London's Dotun Adebayo radio show talk about the 50th anniversary of the first Race ...

Why Britain Must Take More Refugees - And Why the British Public Agrees

06 Sep, 2015 by Lester Holloway

Runnymede's director Dr Omar Khan writes in the HuffPost that the UK should make it easier for citizens to take refugees into t ...

UK must do more for refugees - Observer letter

06 Sep, 2015 by Lester Holloway

Runnymede director Dr Omar Khan and hundreds of other academics have a letter published in The Observer today calling on the UK ...

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