Race Matters

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Supporting ambition creativity and leadership in BME communities

22 Jun, 2018 by admin

A new pilot project from the Runnymede Trust - a series of networks across the UK - seeks to support Black and Minority-Ethnic ( ...

Runnymede supporter to abseil down Olympic Park sculpture

07 Sep, 2017 by Runnymede

An intrepid Runnymede supporter, who is committed to achieving race equality and prepared to do something about it, will ab ...

Divided We Fall: Europeans must stand together against racism and hate

21 Mar, 2017 by admin

To mark the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Racism (today: 21 March) and the annual European Action Week Aga ...

Hostility and hypocrisy: the UK's problem with Trump

14 Feb, 2017 by admin

Hostility towards immigrants creates negative climate for all minorities, says Kimberly McIntosh Opposition to the state visit ...

Do not abandon the Human Rights Act: Letter to PM

12 Dec, 2016 by admin

A letter asking Prime Minister Theresa May to abandon plans to scrap the Human Rights Act was published in the Times on Saturday ...

Who will protect black women's interests when their organisations are gone?

13 Nov, 2016 by admin

Vivienne Hayes MBE is CEO of the Women's Resource Centre, the umbrella organisation for the UK women's sector. He ...


Equality and Human Rights Commission - 2014 onwards

27 May, 2014 by Mark Hammond

I was recently at the TUC black workers conference and the first question after I spoke was about the merger of the previous bod ...


Let’s dig deeper about race in schools

22 May, 2014 by Rose Hall

No-one wants to be labelled as a racist. It is a dirty word, thrown around cautiously. Even when Nigel Farage slams immigrants, ...


Middlesbrough Young People Tackle Racism Head On!

21 May, 2014 by Marsha Garratt

The All In Youth Project is based in Middlesbrough in the North East of England and we work with young people aged 7-25 predomin ...


Tackling workplace discrimination in the health service

23 Apr, 2014 by Ravi Seenan

Chair of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), Gary Page, is this month launching our new initiative to ‘Challenge, ...


Nottinghamshire PCC, Paddy Tipping, addresses disproportionality in stop and search practice

24 Mar, 2014 by Paddy Tipping

The use of stop and search continues to be one of the most controversial issues facing modern policing.  Police use of stop and ...


Coming out as a Black Feminist

21 Feb, 2014 by Chinyere Ifemeni

I started identifying as a feminist two years ago, when I began studying for my A-Levels in college. In secondary school, I was ...


Tribute to Batook Pandya

20 Feb, 2014 by admin

Monday was an extremely sad day as Bristol faced a major loss in that Batook Pandya MBE, Director of SARI, will no longer be wit ...


Challenging Whiteness

31 Jan, 2014 by Sondhya Gupta

You’re not racist, so… It is shocking that when we talk to people about racism, many assume that we mean incidents of phy ...


Why we Chose Race Card

30 Jan, 2014 by Rob Berkeley

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced Debate about race equality in the U ...