Race Matters

The history of slavery is a local - as well as a global - issue

13 Nov, 2018 by admin

By researching records of slave owners in her locality, Dr. Julia Prest, Reader in Early Modern French at the University of St A ...

Reflections on Mexico 1968

16 Oct, 2018 by Omar Khan

Last Friday the Runnymede Trust co-hosted ‘Fists of Defiance’, an evening with Tommie Smith, the gold medal winner w ...


Runnymede's Director on Government's race equality announcement

11 Oct, 2018 by Omar Khan

 Runnymede welcomes government action, but we need to see greater ambition and commitment to tackle racial inequalities &n ...

50 years on: the Race Relations Act and the Runnymede Trust

03 Oct, 2018 by Omar Khan

This is a year of anniversaries. Not just our 50th, but the centenary of (partial) woman’s suffrage and of the end of the ...

Faith to Faithless: The hidden suffering of apostates in the UK

24 Sep, 2018 by Teddy Prout

Teddy Prout, Director of Community Services at Humanists UK, sheds some light on the little known struggle of ex-religious peopl ...

The Africa I expected vs. the Africa I saw

17 Sep, 2018 by Edward Ademolu

Growing up in the UK, Edward Ademolu had only seen images of 'Africa' on the television, predominantly via fundraising packages ...

A creative clap back to racism in the arts

10 Sep, 2018 by admin

Article by Laurie Mompelat How many of us have grown up without reflections of ourselves in media and arts? Faced with the ...

Why we need to talk about slavery

27 Aug, 2018 by admin

The legacy of enslavement is relevant today, says Kimberly McIntosh Britain’s role in the transatlantic slave trade only ...

Home Office failing LGBTQI asylum seekers

31 Jul, 2018 by admin

As a playwright and an actress, I have always enjoyed working with verbatim theatre processes, where the script is created solel ...

Six steps to improve race equality in our mental health services

24 Jul, 2018 by Lester Holloway

Six changes need to be made to the way Britain's mental health services run if we are to fight racial discrimination and a lack ...

Windrush is Us

03 Jul, 2018 by Lester Holloway

How should we commemorate 22 June by Dr Omar Khan This year, June 22 marked the 70th anniversary of HMS Windrush landing in Til ...

Supporting ambition creativity and leadership in BME communities

22 Jun, 2018 by admin

A new pilot project from the Runnymede Trust - a series of networks across the UK - seeks to support Black and Minority-Ethnic ( ...

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