2017 Election Briefing

Ethnic Minorities at the 2017 General Election 

Between 2015 and 2017, race and immigration were never far from the political agenda. The country also faced a flurry of elections: two general elections and the Brexit referendum. But how did the political choices of ethnic minorities affect the outcomes of these elections?

The Runnymede Trust has produced an election briefing to uncover the data in collaboration with University of Manchester.

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Summary of our findings 

  • Labour remained the most popular party among ethnic minority voters in both 2017 and 2015, receiving 77% of ethnic minority votes in 2017.
  • Ethnic minority voters made up 1 in 5 of Labour voters, but only 1 in 20 of Conservative voters.
  • More ethnic minority voters supported Brexit in 2016 than the Conservative party in 2015 or 2017.
  • There are double the number of ethnic minority MPs in 2017 compared with 2010.


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