1 Working Class: Race, Class and Inequalities


Our government has chosen a moment of national crisis to drive a wedge within the working class, framed around the notion of white marginalisation. Our government would have us believe the white working class are held back because of the gains made by minority groups, rather than as the result of decades of underinvestment.

This politics of blame only encourages one vulnerable community to resent other vulnerable communities, while doing nothing to assist anyone to escape the shackles of their privation and poverty. Rather than inciting division, we believe our government needs to focus on solutions and reflect a community that recognises we have more in common than that which divides us.

Our new public engagement piece, 1 Working Class, puts forward an alternative way to address the shared problems of the working class: Commence Section 1 of the Equality Act.  



New Report


In our latest report, Facts Don't Lie - One Working Class: Race, Class and Inequalities, we outline the harsh truths faced by all those within the working class in 2021 Britain, with call for a Commencement Order for Section 1 of the Equalities Act 2010. Where commenced, Section 1 would require public bodies including local authorities, the police, schools, armed forces and NHS to exercise their functions in a manner intended to reduce the inequalities of outcome that result from socio-economic disadvantages. 

Download the new report: Facts Don't Lie - One Working Class: Race, Class and Inequalities


Open Letter


29 thought leaders, academics and unionists have put forward an open letter, calling on the Government to commence Section 1 of the 2010 Equality Act. Read the letter and list of signatories here.



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