Reframing Race

Reframing Race is an initiative from Runnymede and Voice4Change England with the ambitious aim of 'reframing' the public conversation around race, racism and racial equality.

Together with activists, we will develop new approaches to persuade mainstream audiences that:

a) racism has significant impacts;
b) action for race equality is important;
c) we can solve racism.

Reframing Race has appointed more than 30 'Reframers', who together comprise a selective network of advocates with the potential to influence the public conversation on race. Our Reframers will help inform, shape, and ultimately disseminate, the research-based messages devised over the life of the 2-year programme.

If you would like to be kept informed about the progress of the Reframing Race programme, including the results of original race equality messaging research, please register your interest at  

Together we can reframe the public discourse on race, and end race inequality.

Click here for the preliminary report which lays some groundwork for the project: Making the Case for Race Equality 2018.

Download the Making the Case poster in PDF format by clicking on the image below:


Help us end racism

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