Runnymede publishes a range of publications, the majority of which are free to access online.

Please note: If you would like to showcase one of our publications on your website, we kindly ask that you do not upload a pdf directly to your own website, but instead add a link directing viewers to the relevant page on ours.

Printed copies of our publications are also available, but at a fee in order to cover the printing costs. Please find the price list below -   packaging and second class postage is included in the price for the UK - please contact Runnymede for international postage rates.

  • * Runnymede Reports: Cover price
  • * Runnymede Perspectives: £9.95
  • * Runnymede Briefing Papers: £5.95
  • * Scanned PDF files of out-of-print publications: £11.75 (to cover the cost of producing the file)
  • * Other materials: Prices available on request

Please contact Runnymede for further information and to place an order.

Copyright Information

For all reports and publications published after 1 January 2010: Except where otherwise noted, all our publications are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivative Licence.

For all reports and publications published before 1 January 2010: Reproduction of our reports by photocopying or electronic means for non-commercial purposes is permitted. Otherwise, it is not permitted to store or transmit the electronic version of these reports, nor to scan or photocopy the paper versions for dissemination or commercial use, without the prior permission of the publisher.

Researchers and commentators may quote from the documents without charge provided they cite the author, title and the publishers when they acknowledge the source of the material quoted. The publisher would prefer that no individual quotation should exceed 400 words, and that the total material quoted should not exceed 800 words.