A consultation paper was drafted and circulated to national stakeholders in the fields of education policy, race equality policy, academic research around education and faith, faith organizations, teaching unions, youth and community networks.  Written responses were received and a number of one-to-one interviews conducted. 

Local Workshops
6 one day workshops were organized in Brent and Harrow, Hackney and Newham, Liverpool, Leicester, Blackburn and Southampton.  The participants included the following: LA Cohesion officers, SACRE members, headteachers (faith and community schools), faith networks, regeneration community organisations, youth bodies, Youth Parliament representatives.

Workshop findings have been written up by project Rapporteur Professor Audrey Osler and a copy of this will soon be available on the website.

School-based Workshops
We are currently undertaking school based focus groups which involve the  following:

* In depth survey consultation with parents and teachers
* Focus groups with parents
* In depth discussions with headteachers
* Focus groups with young people