Faith Schools and Community Cohesion

The Research

The Runnymede Trust completed a project to engage various stakeholders in conversations about how a school system that includes faith schools successfully prepares young people for living in a multicultural society.

This research addresses the following questions:

  • How do or can faith schools contribute to community cohesion and good race relations?
  • What barriers or challenges do faith schools face in promoting this?
  • What, if any impact do faith schools have upon ethnic segregation?

Overall, this one year project contributed credible data - some quantitative, but mainly qualitative - detailing a wide range of lived experience, along with considered views on the opportunities and challenges posed by faith schools in fostering community cohesion and promoting good race relations.


Interim Report on Faith Schools and Community Cohesion

An interim report by Professor Audrey Osler was launched at Runnymede's November 2007 education conference. It presents initial observations from the faith schools and community cohesion project.

It draws upon a series of community consultation workshops that took place with local stakeholders around the country in summer 2007. The report highlights shared challenges as well as diverse and particular responses to ways in which a school system that includes faith schools prepares young people for life in a multicultural society.

The findings are useful for policymakers interested in community cohesion, school leaders and community organisations working in the areas of faith and diversity.

Download the report