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Transitions Programme

Our policy research in education operates under the umbrella of the Transitions programme. The programme focuses on identifying ways of improving race equality and social cohesion in the changing terrain of education policy and practice.  The Transitions programme enables us to understand race equality in education across age ranges, communities, policy and practice. We take a multi-layered approach to the dissemination of our findings in order to maximise impact on both policy and practice.

The Transitions programme works closely with teachers, parents, governors, inspectors, policymakers and other stakeholders in education, building a robust evidence base to encourage public debate on race equality and social cohesion in education.

Our current projects address major themes of social policy - the choice agenda, the cohesion agenda and the human rights agenda. They maintain a focus on ways of raising attainment while creating more inclusive classrooms. 

To find out more about current projects click on the links below:

School Choice and Ethnic Segregation
Education and Community Cohesion
Faith, Schools and Community Cohesion

Transitions builds on our earlier education projects including Complementing Teachers and This is Where I Live and our ongoing online resource The Real Histories Directory. You can view earlier education publications here.