Past education work



Experiences of BME Teachers & Support Staff
In 2004 Runnymede developed a project to examined the experiences of teachers and other staff members from Black and minority ethnic communities in schools.As a precursor to this project there will be a joint meeting with teachers from East London and the General Teaching Council for England to discuss some of the major issues facing these groups. A briefing paper has been prepared for this meeting and is available here.

School Policies for Race Equality and Cultural Diversity
You can download a discussion paper issued jointly by the journal Multicultural Teaching and the Uniting Britain Trust which contains:

  • A draft school policy statement on race equality and cultural diversity, for discussion and improvement.
  • Background notes about the draft statement.
  • Notes towards a school action plan.

School Policies for Race Equality and Cultural Diversity (pdf).

Further help on downloading and opening pdf files is available from our help page.