European Anti-Discrimination & Diversity Training Project

Runnymede was involved in a EU-funded project, Capacity Building of Civil Society dealing with Anti-Discrimination, which provided training on European and national anti-discrimination law and policy to non-governmental organisations across the UK. The project was funded by the European Commission and coordinated in the European Union by the Human European Consultancy in partnership with the Migration Policy Group.

Acting as the UK partner on this project, Runnymede organised a ‘train the trainers’ seminar with the participation of the Dutch and UK trainers and two international facilitators. The team of national trainers will now design two anti-discrimination seminars targeting NGOs and trade union representatives.

The first seminar was held in London on 21-22 November 2007 and the same seminar will be delivered in Glasgow on 8-9 April 2008 (in partnership with the Scottish Trades Union Congress.)

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