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Generation 3.0

Generation 3.0 is a project designed by Runnymede to explore changing attitudes to race equality and racism. The project focuses on creating spaces for older and younger people to come together to share their experiences and views on how we might end racism in a generation.

Click here to go to the Generation 3.0 website

Events have now taken place in three locations - Birmingham, Manchester and Croydon. You can watch films made in each location on the Generation 3.0 website.

As part of the project, Runnymede has published a Learning Resource focusing on how to end racism in a generation. It explores the attitudes of older and younger people towards race and racism, and features exercises and activities linked to a series of short films.

The resource is suitable for: Key Stage 3 Religious Education lessons; Key Stage 3 English lessons; Youth groups and Older people’s groups. Click here to download the resource for free.

The project is called Generation 3.0 due to its partial focus on young people three generations on from the major wave of post-war migration, typified by those who disembarked from the SS Empire Windrush in 1948. Generation 3.0 also refers to the new styles of campaigning and political engagement that are now required to create societal change, as well as the leadership of young people in creating new responses to persistent challenges.

During the first leg of the project in Handsworth, Birmingham, 70 video testimonials were made by 35 older and 35 younger people, and a five-day long pop-up shop event took place in the area which hosted workshops and screenings of the films. You can watch the video testimonies here.

Pop-up shops also took place in Manchester and Croydon - where local residents could pop in for an informal chat, record testimonials, take part in special events and watch films made about the locations:

Out of the Generation 3.0 Birmingham project, Runnymede also published a report on the experiences and attitudes of the different generations toward race and anti-racism in Birmingham. This data was collected from focus group research with young and older people from various ethnic backgrounds. You can download the report for free here

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Generation 3.0

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