Savings, Assets and Pensions

Having sufficient levels of savings, assets and pensions are central to being financially included and secure. Many black and minority ethnic people experience labour market disadvantage, including unemployment and low earnings. Consequently, many find it difficult to build savings, assets or a decent pension for retirement. This leaves them vulnerable to the financial shocks and emergencies we all face and puts them at risk of poverty in retirement. 

Ready for Retirement? Pensions and Bangladeshi Self-employment
By Phil Mawhinney
Funded by The Nationwide Foundation
Saving Beyond the High Street: A Profile of Saving Patterns among Black and Minority Ethnic People
By Omar Khan
Funded by The Nationwide Foundation
Why Do Assets Matter? Asset Equality and Ethnicity: Building Towards Financial Inclusion
By Omar Khan
Funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission

We have also contributed responses to developments in pensions policy, highlighting the particular disadvantages faced by people in BME communities.

The Pensions Bill: Briefing Paper (2007)

Personal Accounts: Implications for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities (2007)

Proposals for Pensions Reform: Implications for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities (2006)