ASSETnet (Asset & Ethnicity Network) is a network for people interested in asset-building policies in Europe, supported by the Levi Strauss Foundation. It will build on the Indigo Network and the European Network Against Racism (ENAR).

Many black and minority ethnic people struggle to build assets because of their experience of labour market disadvantage, including unemployment and low earnings. This leaves them vulnerable to the financial shocks and emergencies we all face.

ASSETnet aims to increase awareness and interest in asset-building policies generally and specifically among minority ethnic and migrant groups across Europe. To do this, Runnymede is supporting national workshops in Germany, Hungary, Spain and the UK on the link between asset-building and minority ethnic groups.

Information and learning is shared among the ASSETnet members on an online network space.

For more information on the project or how to join the network, please contact Omar Khan.