The UK Race and Europe Network (UKREN) now has its own dedicated website:

The new UKREN website connects race equality organisations to Europe by keeping them informed of the latest European developments relating to racism and discrimination through news items, blog posts and policy briefings.



UKREN logoThe UK Race and Europe Network (UKREN) was established in 1996 by a group of six leading UK anti-racist organisations to raise awareness of the importance of European Union legislation and policy for UK-based organisations working on race equality and discrimination issues. Today, UKREN is a UK-wide network of more than 200 organisations - predominately non-governmental and community-based in nature – involved in race relations and combating racism at a local, national or European level.

Since its inception, UKREN has taken a leading role in ensuring that local and national UK organisations are kept informed of the latest developments in European race relations. In addition to having its own Council and Executive Committee, UKREN acts as the official UK coordinator of the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), based in Brussels. Since UKREN was set up, Runnymede has held the Secretariat of UKREN.

Watch this 2-minute video introduction to UKREN and the work it does




Act as a link between UK NGOs and Europe, informing NGOs in the UK of European developments in race relations.

Represent a unique structure for channeling the views of UK NGOs to European policy makers, allowing NGOs in the UK to contribute to EU decision-making.

Maintain a formal relationship with the European Network Against Racism (ENAR), which represents a wide range of race equality NGOs across the European Union.

Raise awareness of the influence of the European Union on race and immigration issues in the UK and of the implications of the UK’s member ship of the EU for race equality.

Influence EU policy in the field of race relations.

UKREN Consitution (adopted April 2007)


UKREN Activities

UKREN is the national coordinator for ENAR in the UK,  relaying information from ENAR to our members, through email news updates and dissemination of ENAR materials

We produce regular publications on European developments relevant to race equality organisations in the UK

We conduct national consultations on specific issues to relay to European policy makers, ensuring that UK community-based organisations are informed and have a voice.

We organise annual Roundtables to enable participants to comment on the work programme and direction of UKREN and to share information on current and future developments in European legislation and policy.

We also organise national and regional topical seminars

We work in partnership with other European NGOs to develop specific projects.