Europe & International

Europe has always constituted a focus of Runnymede’s work. Since its inception, Runnymede has taken great interest in what was happening beyond our borders in the field of race equality and anti-discrimination, and has always believed in the importance of learning from our neighbours.

Our European work has included examining immigration laws, looking at the experience of older black and minority ethnic communities living in Europe; conducting some research on the attitudes of young people in the UK towards the European Union and European identity, and engaging further with young people in different European cities to look at their feelings around belonging.

We aim to build on this European experience through the development of a new European and International programme: Globalising Equality. The aim of the Globalising Equality programme is to examine how European and international arenas can support Runnymede in fulfilling its core goal of furthering race equality in the UK.

Globalising Equality will be articulated through two operating strands:

A. Sharing national practices

B. Learning from and informing European policy