End Racism This Generation

Young people's participant journey

Here are two examples of the ways in which young people can engage with this campaign

1. Julian, 17, a sixth former studying A-levels in North East London of African-Caribbean heritage. Talented sportsman, he wants to enter the legal profession and is in the process of applying to university

2. Janine, 14, at school in Lowestoft, White British heritage. Her school has recently accepted children from three families of Indian pupils who have arrived in Lowestoft to work and many of her firends have parents from Eastern Europe, She regulalrly overhears adults complaining about the 'foreigners'.

Julian's and Janine's participant journey



Julian - Julian signed up for the online platform because he is fed up of being judged by the colour of his skin. He heard about it through taking part in a consultation meeting about the campaign held at his school. He has pledged to help out some of the younger pupils at his school who are learning English as an additional language

Janine - found the website because a couple of her friends had shared it on Facebook. she is keen to find out what she can do to change people's attitudes to her friends 


Julian - Julian listened in to a lecture by Imran Khan about the Stephen Lawrence case and is now even more keen to be a lawyer, but also to make a difference like Imran Khan has

Janine - JLS did an interview and she used to like them a lot, more her little sister's territory now, but it meant that ten more people at school signed up to the online platform 


Julian - researching for a school assignment, Julian used the Real Histories Directory to consider the role of slavery in the Industrial Revolution. He encourages his teacher to download a lesson plan for the Year 9 history students

Janine - has watched a film about racist bullying in schools and shared it with the others who have signed up. They reflect on how similar the problems are in the film and in their school.


Julian - AS-levels approaching, Julian focuses on these, but still keeps up with Facebook messages. He notes that there will be a pop-up shop in Brent after his exams - he decides to go along.

Janine - has taken the lead in setting up a group at school and they have met with their head of Citizenship who agrees to support their efforts.


Juilan - attends the pop-up shop for a careers workshop. He meets with a young black lawyer from Eversheds who lets him know about a mentoring programme they are running.

Janine - gets messages in the forums in response to her request for advice from Show Racism The Red Card and a teacher in Ipswich.


Julian - Julian's mentor from Eversheds has given him advice on his CV and university application

Janine - Janine and her schoolmates have ordered posters and badges from Show Racism the Red Card, who are arranging for the captain of Ipswich Town to take part in a anti-racist workshop for them and three neigbouring schools


Julian - Julian contacts a current student at Bristol where he is considering applying and asks him about one of his major concerns; racism at university. He is reassured and applies

Janine - Runnymede and Show Racism The Red Card work together on a submission to OfSTED about the race equality duty and racism in schools. Janine's school is used as an example of effective practice 


Janine - 3 members of parliament and one member of the House of Lords ask questions of Ministers about policy to reduce the number of racist incidents in schools after receiving briefing from Runnymede about the failure to use inspection regime effectively in this area.


Julian - Julian uses the online platform to say thanks to those who have helped him. It is followed by a number of others making general offers of careers advice to other young people on the site

Janine - Show Racism the Red Card and Runnymede pitch the story to a local newspaper which covers the footballer visit - the anti-racism message is on the front page of the local paper the following week. 


Julian - now in 1st year of University in Bristol he encourages a number of his new friends to attend an event organised by Black South West Network he found out about through the news platform. He becomes a volunteer for BSWN. 

Janine - Janine is now in contact with Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality and is helping them organise an event promoting the Suffolk Hate crime service to young people, she also attended the 'End Racism This Generation' youth conference to help set an agenda for change.