End Racism This Generation

Public sector organisation

Here are two examples of the ways in which public sector organisations can engage with this campaign

1. Heart of Manchester Hospital Trust

2. The Peaks GP Practice, Rotherham


Heart - The BME staff network and one of the non-exec directors had encouraged the Trust to sign up to the campaign as a sign of its public commitment to tackling racism. They made a pledge to close the gap in satisfaction rates that their monitoring had uncovered

The Peaks - One of the partners sugested signing up after being made aware of the campaign through a newsletter from the Naz Project. The other partners were keen to see how the different health outcomes that they saw in the surgery could be changed - they wondered whether racism was really a cause


Heart - After inclusion in staff newsletter, 20 members of staff had a look at the site and watched a short film about health inequalities

The Peaks - 3 patients commented favourably about the poster in the waiting room and the leaflets that had been put out. They were glad to see that the doctors wanted to see an end to racism


Heart - The Equality lead at the Trust recives updates from the news platform and feels much more up to date with developments in equality practice

The Peaks - The surgery now receives a monthly email from the Afiya Trust, Race Equality Foundation and Diverse Minds


Heart - The BME Staff network is in a group that now recieves information about what other BME staff networks are doing and is organising a joint event with Birmingham University BME Staff network

The Peaks - One of the doctors encouraged neighbouring practices and the local Health Trust to sign up to the campaign website at an area meeting. There are now over 200 GP practices signed up to online platform and an online group has been formed.


Heart - The equality lead has accessed a case study from Bournemouth Health Trust about engagement with minority ethnic communities and shared it with senior management team

The Peaks - Surgery manager has read about the Afiya Trust initiative 'Living in the Margins' and has written an email to the campaign about their experience in dealing with cuts in spending


Heart - Have ordered posters to display around the hospital to make their commitment to race equality clear to staff and patients

The Peaks - Have used a tool developed by Race Equality Foundation to audit their practice on race equality


Heart - having identified sexual health services as an area where there are lower levels of satisfaction from minority ethnic groups, lead staff have joined an online group to discuss what works and receive advice from Naz Project London

The Peaks - have decided to make a pledge in order to focus their activity; they have chosen to adress heart conditions in Asian communities. The online platform linked them to support from the British Heart Foundation


Heart - have joined a coalition of organisations working to address policy barriers to improving the sexual health of minority ethnic communities

The Peaks - have added their support to a letter to the Secretary of State for Health about increasing resources to tackle heart disease in Asian communities


Heart - A media campaign drawing attention to sexual health inequalities supporting Heart's efforts to improve engagement with minority ethnic communities

The Peaks - Doctor from surgery interviewed in local newspaper about heart conditions in Asian communities as part of press campaign led by British Heart Foundation


Heart - reports back on progress towards improving satisfaction of minority ethnic communities with local health services as part of its pledge for action

The Peaks - report back on pledge website about the increased numbers of Asian patients who have come forward for health screening for heart conditions