End Racism This Generation

Private sector participant

Here are examples of possible participant journeys for two businesses

1. Kwik-e-Mart, Bromley High Street, Kent

2. Kool Kuts, Blackbird Leys, Oxford

Costcutter and Kool Kuts participant journeys


Kwik-E-Mart - Having been racially abused most weekend evenings, Sajith and Thilini, the husband/wife managers are looking for an answer to this problem. What have other people done? There was a poster up in Temple. They sign up as a small business.

Kool Kuts - Hearing an interview on Colourful Radio, Jason the owner really can't see what all the fuss about racism is - surely it's over? He signs up online as an individual and seeing that a number of potential customers had signed up near the salon, he also signs the business up.


Kwik-E-Mart - Sajith reads an article about Min Quan and the support that they give to people from Chinese communities working in restaurants who have been victims of racial attacks.

Kool Kuts - Jason saw the film on fatherhood in black communities and is intrigued. Whether its racism or not, its a problem he hadn't really thought about. The film was shot in a barbers like his.


Kwik-E-Mart - Thilini finds a link to reports of racist crimes in the Bromley area, reads about the role of the local community liaison officer and gets a contact number for her

Kool Kuts - Jason reads the briefing on parenting in Black communities


Kwik-E-Mart - a forum of small businesses is started on the online platform. Kwik-E-Mart is now linked to 60 other businesses who report similar problems

Kool Kuts - Jason is now connected to 100 Black Men Of London, and Men of Valour and receives their monthly emails.


Kwik-E-Mart - Sajith sees a case study of how BP have taken steps to ensure that their staff are protected from racist attacks at work on forecourts.

Kool Kuts - An academic looking for 'community spaces' for a research project. Barber shops are mentioned as possible candidates.


Kwik-E-Mart - A shop manager in Cardiff has shared the letter he wrote to local police about his situation. Thilini decides to use it as a base for an email to her local community support officer

Kool Kuts - Jason has put up an End Racism This Generation poster. He wants to see if people will talk about it.


Kwik-E-Mart - seeing the interest in racist attacks in retail, Runnymede works with The Monitoring Group and Federation of Small Businesses to find out the extent of the problem nationally through FOI requests

Kool Kuts - The 'community spaces' research has encouraged Jason to host a discussion about fatherhood with some of his customers with support from Men of Valour.


Kwik-E-Mart - Focus on improving levels of police protection and response quality - a result of local decision making

Kool Kuts - more volunteers are needed to support parenting in Black communities


Kwik-E-Mart - Runnymede pitches a story to local TV news about number of racist attacks and police and business owners working together to solve problem

Kool Kuts - Runnymede works with minority ethnic press/media to encourage debate, discussion and action


Kwik-E-Mart - monitor change in response to racial attacks, encourage feedback

Kool Kuts - What number of volunteers came forward to organisations? What impact do they have on outcomes for young black men and women?