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An online guide to monitoring where you work

Section 5 - How to use the information to hold your employer to account

Collecting information that demonstrates the broader impact of a particular policy change on groups of individuals can highlight potential discriminatory practices where this change has yet to occur. Drawing on evidence collected is an important means of demonstrating to employers that your argument goes beyond anecdote or is wider than the individual concern or complaint of a few. Where you are able to collect this evidence it can be used as clear leverage in any negotiating position you take.

Report your findings to your union(s) as they will also be able to use the information to negotiate and bargain around equality at a local, regional and national level. They may also be able to share with you information about other activities and findings from your local area.

Listen to Michelle Codrington-Rogers speaking about how she used her school's Equality Impact Assessment to promote equality. Michelle is Head of Citizenship at a secondary school in Oxfordshire and trained as an equal opportunity officer by NASWUT.

Watch Susan Matthews, employee of Lambeth Council and Unite Branch Secretary, explain how she is working to ensure that redundancies and the reorganisation of Lambeth Council does not disproportionately impact on women, BME groups and people with disabilities.

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