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In this together?

Counting the equality costs of public service reform
An online guide to monitoring where you work

Current cuts to government spending will have a significant impact on public services and the workforce employed to deliver them. Emerging research suggests that these cuts will not affect all public sector workers equally. It is crucial that we are alert to how these cuts are affecting all workers, and in particular workers from marginalised groups. Runnymede, in partnership with TUC, Unison, Unite, NASUWT, UCU and PCS, has developed this project to monitor public service reform so we can begin to map the equality impact on workers.

How to get involved
We are asking union branch representatives to monitor how the cuts are affecting people in their workplace and to share the information with us through an online survey. By sharing the information with us, you will contribute to a better understanding of national trends. We will be better able to see where inequalities in the public sector are occurring, and target action to address it. If you are not a branch representative but you want to be part of this project, encourage your union branch representative or union to get involved.

About this online guide
This online guide explains what information you will need to help you to fill in our online survey and how to approach your employer to help you to gather it.  It is necessary for you to have this information before you can participate in our survey. If however your employer does not have this information, the rest of the guide explains what you can do to gather this information, and how you can use it, with the support of your union, to hold your employer to account. It includes suggestions, tools and video interviews of activists who have already started to monitor the impact of public service reform. You can download a hard copy version of this online guide - In This Together? Counting the equality costs of public service reform

Watch Wilf Sullivan, Race Equality Officer at the TUC, talk about this project and why it is important to get involved.

Go through the following 5 short sections of this online guide to find out how you can monitor the impact of the cuts on the public sector workforce and get involved in this project.

 Section 1 - How to fill in the Runnymede survey

Section 2 - Why measure the impact of public service reform?

Section 3 - How to monitor the impact on the workforce

Section 4 - Other ways to gather information

Section 5 - How to use the information to hold employers to account