How do these duties work in practice?

This session provided an opportunity for delegates to gain an understanding of how schools have approached and are successfully meeting their duties under race equality, community cohesion and well-being.Helen Willaims, Director of School Curriculum and Pupil Well-being at the DCSF, shared their perspective on how the duties are being taken forward by schools and how implementing these duties can help achieve the vision for the 21st Century School as laid out in the Children's' Plan.

The presentations focused on an example of good practice in one area, and indicated how that relates to meeting the duties in the other areas. What has worked and what challenges lie aheadwere highlighted and diacussed.

Panel members included: Erica Pienaar, Headteacher, Prendergast School, London; A.S. Roach, Headteacher, Chalvedon Secondary, Essex; Alun Pelleschi, Former Headteacher; and Helen Willaims, Director of School Curriculum and Pupil Well-being, DCSF. The session was chaired by Rosemary Campbell Stephens, Investing in Diversity Programme Manager, London Centre for Leadership in Learning.

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Prendergast-Hilly Fields College by Erica Pienaar, Headteacher, Prendergast School, London

Meeting the Needs of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Children by Alan Roach, Headteacher, Chalverdon Secondary, Essex

One Head's Journey by Alun Pelleschi, Former Headteacher