Education and Young People

Our two most recent education projects are History Lessons and Making Histories, both of which interrogate the question of who gets included in our national history. Both also directly engaged young people, and built on previous work seeking to enhance the impact of original academic work through the production of online resources such as Bangla Stories and Romans Revealed


In 2015 we also produced a major report on higher education and race, Aiming Higher, outlining the continued inequalities for Black and minority ethnic people in terms of admissions, degree attainment, curriculum content, and staffing in universities. We have also recently produced a briefing When Education Isn't Enough, showing that even recent BME Russell Group university graduates have higher risk of unemployment compared to their White British peers.

A full list of our education and young people publications can be found here.



Resources for schools

Our work on assisting schools with creating more inclusive classrooms centres around the development of a broad range of teaching resources, all of which are curriculum based. Resources have been developed to support completed projects including those created for Bangla Stories, Belonging and Young, Muslim and Citizen projects.  Our learning resources can also be used by youth workers and other individuals supporting young people. The learning guides developed out of the Generation 3.0 project are a good example. New resources are currently being developed to support a project exploring the diversity of those who lived in Roman Britain.


Past education projects and publications

Past reports have explored race equality within higher education (December 2010) and have revisited debates surrounding the disproportionate exclusions of Black pupils (July 2010) from schools in England.