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The StopWatch action group, of which Runnymede is a member, seeks to work with communities, ministers, policy makers and senior police officers to ensure that reforms to the police service are fair and inclusive. The aim is to help make better policing for all.

Stop and search tactics continue to create a wedge between communities and the police.

StopWatch aims to ensure that the stop and search agenda progresses on fair grounds. Formed of leading figures from civil society, the legal professions and academia, the action group’s goals are to:

Runnymede is just one member of StopWatch. To find out about the other organisations involved and to keep up-to-date with the action group's news and events, visit the StopWatch website

StopWatch campaigned to ensure that elections for local Police and Crime Commissioners feature a progressive voice on stop and search in Ipswich, Leicester and the West Midlands. You can read a blog post on the Crime Commissioners campaign here.

The StopWatch youth group has produced a film "Profiles of the Profiled" which details how young Londoners feel about being stopped and searched. You can watch the film here.

Read about how Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr launched StopWatch in October 2010