Regional Events

Runnymede is holding a series of regional events around the country debating race equality in the UK.

The events, taking the format of the BBC's Question Time, allow people to question their local politicians and councillors on race relations in their area.

We have so far held events in Norfolk and the South West (Bristol), and will be holding similar events in the South East and the North East shortly.

Race Equality in Norwich and Norfolk

At the Question Time- style discussion a cross-party group of politicians, including Charles Clarke MP and Norman Lamb MP, went head to head on the state of race equality in Norfolk.

Other panelists included Conservative councillor Antony Little, Green Party councillor Samir Jeraj, community activist Gita Prasad, and panel chair and BBC reporter Clive Lewis.

Race Equality in Bristol and the South West

Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Williams and high profile parliamentary candidate Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones took part in our race equality event in Bristol in the summer of 2010.

Other panellists included consultants Tracie Joliff and Amjid Ali, a senior manager at HSBC Amanah Global. The event, organised in partnership with the Black South West Network, was chaired by Runnymede director Rob Berkeley.

"Living Together" - South West UK from BSWN on Vimeo.