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Posted by rebecca 10 December 2013 : human rights , racism ,

The tributes commemorating Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela show the almost universal agreement that his cause was among the greatest moral achievements of the last century. We must not forget what Mandela fought for, racial justice and human rights. Here Omar Khan, Runnymede's Head of Policy Research, explores Mandela's approach to racial injustice and how it has affected black people everywhere.

Posted by rebecca 09 December 2013 : representation , asylum , immigration , BME ,

Migration Matters, is RAMFEL’s annual review of all things related to immigration, migration, race and equality throughout the year. To celebrate, we have a special guest blog post from Rita Chadha, the Chief Executive Officer of RAMFEL, explaining why migration matters.

Posted by rebecca 06 December 2013 : racism , General ,

We are greatly saddened to hear the news of Nelson Mandela’s passing. Mandela’s impact on the racial equality movement is immeasurable. He changed the landscape of race relations in South Africa and across the world. Mandela started a dialogue about racial equality that is not over, and is just as relevant and important today. It is essential that we do not become complacent.

Posted by rebecca 11 November 2013 : human rights , criminal justice , racism , BME ,

It has been a year since Police and Crime Commissioner's (PCCs) were elected in the UK. Since then, the problems with Stop and Search have increased in profile, culminating in a government consultation on how fairly and effectively the powers are used in relation to street crime, burglary, antisocial behaviour, and public order offences. In this blog we look at how Stop and Search impacts on our human rights, and how PCC's can reform stop and search so that BME groups are not disproportionately affected by it, and that our rights are protected.

Posted by rebecca 25 September 2013 : BME , Labour , financial inclusion , racism , Runnymede , employment ,

In preparation for launch of its new campaign, ‘End Racism This Generation’, Runnymede commissioned a large-scale qualitative attitudinal survey from Ethnic Focus.

The results showed widespread fear among ethnic minorities that discrimination because of their race or religion would affect their chances in education and employment.

Posted by rebecca 21 July 2013 : human rights , racism , asylum , immigration , Traveller ,

Following the Home Office's eviction of homeless Roma's in London on 19 July 2013, our Head of Policy Research, Omar Khan explores how ethnic minorities and migrants are being denied full participation in democratic soceities.

Posted by Vicki 11 December 2012 : General ,

Today's post is written by our head of policy, Dr Omar Khan

Every ten years the Census provides us with multiple insights into the state of modern Britain. In today’s release of the 2011 Census, we find that the Black and minority ethnic (BME) population has reached nearly 8 million – roughly the population of Scotland and Wales combined.

Overall, the BME population is now 14.1% of the overall total in England and Wales, rising from 7.9% in 2001. This doesn’t include the significant ‘White Other’ population which is now 2.5 million, or 4.4% of the overall population. Much of this growth has been through immigration, and many will assume that the ‘White Other’ population is primarily Eastern European. However, this population also includes White French, White Australian, White Argentinian and White American people, which explains why this disparate ‘group’ is now some 12.6% of the population of London.

Combined with the 40% of the population that is Black and minority ethnic, a minority of London’s residents are now ‘White British’ (46%). While this is indeed a striking development, it masks an arguably more significant development – the greater dispersal of ethnic minorities across the UK. Contrary to much received wisdom, Britain is becoming less ‘segregated’ every year.

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