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Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees

The Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees (ICAR) is based at the Runnymede offices.

ICAR seeks to encourage understanding, public debate and policy making about asylum and refugees in the UK, grounded in accurate and academically sourced information.

ICAR aims to:

ICAR has a large web site, examples of its content include:

You can contact the ICAR team at the Runnymede offices:

tel: 020 7377 9222 fax: 020 7377 6622

email: icar@runnymedetrust.org

To contact an individual member of staff or to find out more about the team please visit the ICAR staff page

To find out more about our media services, see the ICAR media section

Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees (ICAR)
c/oThe Runnymede Trust
7 Plough Yard
London EC2A 3LP

If you would like to support the future of the organisation, all donations are gratefully received. Please click on the link below to donate online or send cheques addressed to ICAR to the address above.