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Pakistani and Bangladeshi women less likely to find jobs on the Work Programme

13 December 2012

Analysis carried out by the Runnymede Trust on recently published Work Programme figures has found that Pakistani and Bangladeshi women are less likely than their white counterparts to find a long term job through the scheme. 

Our analysis found that only 2% of Bangladeshi women and 2.4% of Pakistani women found long term work from the scheme, compared to 3.4% of white women. However, there was little difference for other ethnic groups – indeed Bangladeshi men were more likely than white men to find a long term job from the scheme. The full data is as follows:

  • White men: 3.6% find long term work after being on the Work Programme
  • White women: 3.4%
  • Bangladeshi men: 4.3%
  • Bangladeshi women: 2%
  • Pakistani men: 3.5%        
  • Pakistani women: 2.4%
  • Black Caribbean men: 3%
  • Black Caribbean women: 3.1%
  • Black African men: 3.6%        
  • Black African women: 3.2%

The DWP statistical release is available here. Our analysis follows the recent report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Race and Community on Black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi female unemployment which highlighted the high unemployment rates of women from these ethnic groups.