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National Front Leader Guilty of Inciting Racial Hatred

National Front bannerMartin Webster, national activities organiser of the National Front, was found guilty on two charges of inciting racial hatred by Judge Arthur Figgis at Kingston Crown Court on 30 October 1979. Mr Webster was sentenced to six months imprisonment on each charge, suspended for two years, because Judge Figgis said, 'I do not want to make a martyr of you', fined £150 and ordered to pay costs up to £350. Mr Webster pleaded not guilty to publishing abusive and insulting material likely to stir up racial hatred in two issues of National Front News in May and June 1978 but admitted that his aim had been to show that a multiracial society did not work. Judge Figgis, in his summing up, said that Mr Webster's views about black people 'might have sounded extremely like the philosophy of Nazism. If it does, then don't allow it to prejudice you against the defendant'.
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