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Conference suggests National Commission for Racial Equality

In February 1975, the Runnymede Trust Bulletin reported that:

The conference on the position of black people in this society, was held in London from 17-19 January. The aim of the conference, which was supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, was to give a representative group of black people from all over the country an opportunity to express their views on the most urgent issues and needs in race relations in Britain today. The conference which was chaired by Dr David Pitt JP, GLC, included three plenary sessions on the major themes of education, housing and employment. The sub-committees which discussed the major themes made a number of recommendations; the recommendations made by the anti-discrimination committee included the following:

1. that in view of the need for the harmonisation of powers under the Race Relations Act, 1968, with those proposed under the legislation for the equality of women, a new national body - The National Commission for Racial Equality (NCRE) should be created to replace the Community Relations Commission (CRC) and the Race Relations Board (RRB)...

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