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Launch of The Voice Newspaper for Black Britons

The Voice logoIn 1982, Val McCalla, a Jamaican born accountant, founded The Voice newspaper aimed at Black Britons with the help of a grant from the Greater London Council. McCalla took advantage of government policy on equal opportunity advertising to help continue to fund the paper.

Although The Voice was not the first Black British newspaper, it became the most influential – and sometimes controversial – in its campaigns against all forms of racism. With circulation figures of around 55,000 at its peak, The Voice also provided a vehicle for employers to recruit from within the Black communities.

Today, The Voice no longer publishes audited circulation figures and it is likely that there has been a drop due to competition from newer print and online publications. However, it remains one of the best-known Black British newspapers.

Rageh Omaar © Benedict HilliardMany of today's most popular Black television, radio and print journalists have at some stage been associated with The Voice, including Guardian Assistant Comment Editor Joseph Harker and television news presenter and writer Rageh Omaar, along with some influential figures in politics such as Equality and Human Rights Commission chair Trevor Phillips.

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