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Man Dies in National Front Protest

National Front flagThe National Front, a far right white nationalist party, staged a march in London in 1974 to protest against the government's amnesty for illegal immigrants.

In Red Lion Square the march erupted into violence between National Front demonstrators and counter-protesters from the London Area Council of Liberation, the International Marxist Group and the International Socialists, and the police. Kevin Gately, a 21-year-old maths student at Warwick University was killed in unknown circumstances during the violent clashes. After Kevin Gately's death hundreds of students participated in anti-fascist demonstrations and an action committee was set up in his name by the students' union at Warwick University.

By the time of the march, the National Front had 20,000 members and was doing well in many local elections, including those in Deptford where it gained 44% of the votes.

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