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Race and Church Schools

Church School © J3MrsA report on Race and Church Schools, published by the Runnymede Trust in September 1981, questioned the role of church schools in a multiracial and multicultural society and the implications of their admissions policies for black minorities. The report, by Ann Dummett and Julia McNeal, was based on a survey of schools in two areas and revealed two main issues. Firstly, admissions policies were complex and varied. Secondly, the specifically Christian reference had a dual effect. Where there was a black Christian community the schools were multiracial. Where there was none, there was no multiracial school. The report concluded, however, that the fact that many schools were becoming multiracial did not eliminate the possibility of discrimination. The authors stated that, 'the complexity of admissions procedures and the variety of factors which are brought to bear on choices do give some scope for unfair discrimination'.
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