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'Sus' To Be Replaced

The Runnymede Trust Bulletin reported that 'the "sus" law, section 4 of the Vagrancy Act 1824, is to be replaced by a new law of attempt and a new offence of interference with vehicles.  The changes are included in the government's Criminal Attempts Bill published on 19 December...'

Although the bill is not in line with the two reports of the Home Affairs Committee which said that 'sus' ought to be abolished and not replaced, the chairman of the committee's enquiry, John Wheeler MP, has described it as an 'entirely adequate' response to the reports. The National Council for Civil Liberties however criticised the new offence as being unnecessary and trivial. It said that if the act was an attempt to commit an offence it should be treated as such. The new offence would give rise to the same controversies as 'sus' had done.


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