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Runnymede Trust Office Attacked

The Runnymede Trust Bulletin reported in January 1981 that:

The office of the Runnymede Trust in central London was the object of an arson attack on 10 December. Petrol was poured in through a window which had been broken and then set alight. The attack is believed to have been the work of the National Front. The National Front insignia was scrawled on the Trust's nameplate and the Trust recently appeared on a list of 'enemy' organisations published by the National Front. The leaflet entitled 'Britons! Are you organised? Because your enemies are!' lists nearly 40 anti-racist groups, ethnic minorty organisations, religious bodies and politial groups. They are described as 'working away at the very foundations of our nation and race.  This is what a "multi-racial" society...really means.'

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