Race and Difference

The future of our multi-ethnic society was the focus of lively debate at the Race and Difference event, co-organised by Runnymede.

The evening provided the perfect platform from which to launch Making a Contribution, the last publication in our series of Community Studies, which pulls together an overview of the findings in all eleven of its precursors.

Kwame Ocloo, of the Southwark-based Youth Learning Network, gave a passionate speech in which he highlighted the importance of sending a message to our children that “they can create a better society for our community at large.”

Meanwhile Guardian Journalist Afua Hirsch examined the role of the media in general and its responsibility for providing positive portrayals of race and difference.

Zubaida Haque, who has extensive experience working for government departments, presented some of the findings of her research on immigration. She pointed out that tackling issues around the integration of settled migrant communities must come first if we are to address the ability of new migrants to assimilate into our society.

Michael Keith, a professor at Oxford University and director of COMPAS, made a reference to John Denham’s juxtaposition of class-based discrimination and racism. Professor Keith argued that the experience of racial discrimination was still very much felt, regardless of class.


Afua Hirsch speaks at the event