Race Matters

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'Femonationalism' and why it's no good for Muslim women

11 Jul, 2017 by Farah Elahi

Runnymede Research and Policy Analyst Farah Elahi reviews Sara R Farris' new text in which she describes how a combination ...

WATCH> How does race affect your outcomes in life?

07 Jul, 2017 by Omar Khan

Watch Runnymede Director Dr. Omar Khan's 12-minute argument on why Britain is resoundingly not 'post-racial', and how race still ...

Race equality and Brexit: One year on

23 Jun, 2017 by Omar Khan

Today (23 June) marks the first anniversary of an EU referendum result which not only upturned our political landscape ...

Rethinking austerity is overdue: it has hit women & ethnic minorities hardest

13 Jun, 2017 by Runnymede

Press Release: for immediate release Rethinking austerity overdue. It is a burning injustice that has hit women and ethnic ...

Labour gets two-thirds of BME vote

09 Jun, 2017 by Runnymede

Runnymede analysis of the 2017 General Election results suggests that black and minority ethnic voters still strongly back ...

Election 2017 Analysis: Ethnic minority swing towards Labour

02 Jun, 2017 by Runnymede

Pic: Still from widely shared I-D video showing Jeremy Corbyn meeting London-based grime music star JME. Following the shock el ...