Race Matters

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How is caste discrimination different from racism?

18 Aug, 2017 by CasteWatchUK

While the caste system - and the discrimination it engenders - originated in South Asia, it is very much present in the UK. ...

Where are all the people of colour in science fiction?

11 Aug, 2017 by Imani Bernard

Seventeen-year-old Imani Bernard tells us why representation of BME people and women is important everywhere - including in her ...

Black and gay: The persistence of racism in the LGBT community

08 Aug, 2017 by Emmanuel Agu

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, founder of UK Black Pride, which celebrated its 13th birthday this year, says:"UK Black Pride (UKBP) was fou ...

How I learned to ask about forgotten history

31 Jul, 2017 by Runnymede

Author, publisher and co-founder of the Black and Asian Studies Association, Marika Sherwood, explores the idea of forgotten his ...

Black British Literature at A Level: A first step to many

21 Jul, 2017 by Deirdre Osborne

IMAGE: ZADIE SMITH BY DAVID SHANKBONE Reflecting on the content the new A Level teaching resource she has facilitated, Dr. Deir ...

'Femonationalism' and why it's no good for Muslim women

11 Jul, 2017 by Farah Elahi

Runnymede Research and Policy Analyst Farah Elahi reviews Sara R Farris' new text in which she describes how a combination ...