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Visible and Invisible Barriers: Racism in teaching

14 Apr, 2017 by Runnymede

To mark the launch of Runnymede’s latest report Visible and Invisible Barriers: the impact of racism on BME teachers, ...

Racism and inequality: The truth about Brexit

28 Mar, 2017 by admin

In the week that UK Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger Article 50, beginning our official departure from the European Union ...

More questions than answers in Chuka Umunna-led integration report

12 Jan, 2017 by admin

Runnymede's new Policy Officer Kimberly McIntosh dissects the latest report on integration - this one released by cross party MP ...

Black & Asian Women Pay Highest Price for Austerity

16 Dec, 2016 by Lester Holloway

Low income black and Asian women are paying the highest price for austerity according to new analysis by the Runnymede Trust and ...

Equality Not Finger Pointing: Response to Casey Report

06 Dec, 2016 by admin

We cannot truly improve integration without first addressing poverty, deprivation and unemployment for all races and faiths - a ...

Teaching Migration Past to Deal with Migration Present?

01 Dec, 2016 by admin

As net migration figures are released, it’s likely that we can expect another slew of threatening headlines across the fro ...

Ethnic minority civil servants paid less than white staff

12 Jul, 2016 by Lester Holloway

Ethnic minority civil servants are paid up to a third less than their white colleagues, according to figures released today.New ...

Is it possible to challenge race discrimination in the on-demand economy?

21 Jun, 2016 by Lester Holloway

This week saw the chief executive of Airbnb pledge to stop his hosts discriminating against ethnic minorities by denying them ac ...

PM's blind-spot on 20/20 vision

14 Apr, 2016 by Lester Holloway

David Cameron tweeted yesterday “more people from ethnic minority backgrounds in work since records began.” But does ...

Self-employment is no easy escape from poverty

20 Aug, 2015 by Lester Holloway

Some forms of self-employment perpetuates low income, writes Nida Broughton Self-employment has historically be seen as a way ...


Measuring Child Poverty: Implications for Black and minority ethnic families

24 Jun, 2015 by admin

In February 2013 Runnymede responded to the then-Government's Measuring Child Poverty Consultation. With the Prime Minister sugg ...


David Cameron’s Employment Targets for Ethnic Minorities Will Not Reduce Racial Inequalities

11 Jun, 2015 by Omar Khan

The Prime Minister’s commitments during the 2015 campaign will continue rather than reduce racial inequalities in the labour m ...

How The Next Government Can Reduce Racial Inequality

03 May, 2015 by Omar Khan

The major political parties have competed very little over how best to respond to ethnic inequalities compared to poverty, for e ...


Who are the new Chinese migrants in the UK?

02 Apr, 2015 by Caroline Knowles

With more new Chinese migrants arriving in the UK than those from any other country, it is time to update our rather archaic por ...


Why do we need anti-racism laws in the 21st century?

23 Mar, 2015 by Barbara Cohen

A debate sparked by Trevor Phillips’ Channel 4 documentary, Things We Won’t Say About Race That Are True, has put the spotli ...


Ethnic inequalities and the minimum wage

18 Mar, 2015 by Simon Peters

In a comment first posted on the University of Manchester blog page, Dr Simon Peters explains why the minimum wage legislation, ...


Rejecting Enoch Powell is Not Enough

08 Mar, 2015 by Omar Khan

Across Europe and North America the political right is increasingly focused on widening their appeal to black and minority ethni ...

Baroness Doreen Lawrence: A Future of Hope Through Unity

10 Feb, 2015 by Doreen Lawrence

In the week that Oscar- nominated civil rights drama Selma wins at the NAACP awards, Baroness Doreen Lawrence&rsq ...


‘Blacking up’, past and present: explanations are not justifications

15 Oct, 2014 by Omar Khan

  Living in a society where people hold different beliefs and express varying cultural practices does not typically lead to ...


Could your business idea change the world?

13 May, 2014 by Anne McPherson

Starting your own business can be a daunting prospect but the rewards can be life-changing. In the UK, 8% of small businesses ar ...


Tackling workplace discrimination in the health service

23 Apr, 2014 by Ravi Seenan

Chair of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), Gary Page, is this month launching our new initiative to ‘Challenge, ...


Why Isn't My Professor Black? On Reflection

21 Mar, 2014 by Leona Nichole Black

Earlier this month, University College London, one of the UK’s elite academies, hosted a public lecture with a panel of ac ...


Nottingham by numbers: The widening the racial disadvantage gap

14 Mar, 2014 by Cecile Wright

According to the legend, one of Nottingham’s best known figures, Robin Hood, took from the rich and gave to the poor, beginnin ...


Nuturing the Nation – the Asian contribution of the NHS

24 Feb, 2014 by Debbie Weekes-Bernard

Migration to the UK is an enduring and contentious political issue. Within the public sector, and particularly the NHS, the rela ...