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EU Referendum

30 June 2016
Runnymede's Director, Dr Omar Khan, calls on politicians, the media and local communities to unite in the face of rising racist and xenophobic hate crimes following the EU Referendum.

London's Housing Crisis Worse for Ethnic Minorities

22 March 2016

Runnymede's latest report, London Ethnic Inequalities: Capital For All, unveils the shocking picture of ethnic inequalities on housing, education, employment and health.

The School Report

22 September 2015

The Runnymede School Report: Race, Education and Inequality in Contemporary Britain

Edited by Claire Alexander, Debbie Weekes-Bernard and Jason Arday

Published Friday 18th September 2015

Anti-Jewish & Anti-Muslim Racisms and the Question of Palestine/Israel online paper series

16 September 2015
CMRB, the Runnymede Trust and the Centre for Palestine Studies, London Middle East Institute, SOAS are delighted to announce the publication of:

"Anti-Jewish and Anti-Muslim Racisms and the Question of Palestine/Israel"
online paper series, edited by Nira Yuval-Davis and Jamie Hakim.

Failure to win over ethnic minority voters could cost Tories or Labour the election

20 April 2015
Increasing their party's appeal to ethnic minority voters could help decide whether David Cameron or Ed Miliband emerges as Prime Minister, according to our report Race and Elections released 20 April 2015.

Runnymede's director sits on top financial inclusion commission

23 March 2015
Runnymede's Director, Dr Omar Khan, has been asked to sit alongside leading politicians on the Financial Inclusion Commission.

Runnymede signs up to election statement against racist language

23 February 2015
The Runnymede Trust has joined peer organisations in endorsing the Race Equality Matters' Election Statement.

Black Students Must do Better than White Students to get into University

03 February 2015
Black and minority ethnic (BME) students have to work harder than their white counterparts to make it into university and are still underrepresented in the most prestigious institutions, finds a Runnymede report published on 3 Feb 2015.

Runnymede on skin whitening

29 September 2014
Runnymede's Head of Research, Dr Debbie Weekes-Bernard is quoted in an Independent article on skin whitening.

New address

22 July 2014
Runnymede's address as of 1 July is: Room BEL1-11, London Metropolitan University, 166-220 Holloway Road, London N7 8DB.